Monday, June 16, 2008

Microsoft threatening to 'send people over' for audit

I just got a call from Microsoft asking me to purchase licenses for SqlServer and .NET

When I informed them that we were a Free Software development company and did NOT use Microsoft products, the lady - a Ms. Maninder (if I remember right) told me that 'that was not what she had in the database' and that I had to buy licenses. When I refused to do so on account that I did not need them, she threatened to 'send people over'.
Any person who takes the time out to go through our web-site will understand perfectly that we do not do any kind of Microsoft work. I am starting to think that we are being targeted because we are a FOSS company.

Now I am figuring out how to get legal help to fight this. I have no intention to allow any external people onto our premises.

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