Saturday, September 15, 2007

First opensource release from R-Knowsys (and other planned)

This is the first collaborative product from R-Knowsys technologies -
We released the sources a week back, made some minor changes and released the first version for testing. We have tested it throughly internally. There are no known bugs.

We have kicked off a couple of other projects -
  1. VOIP plugin for Firefox -
  2. Distro aiming to be a communication server.
We have some more ideas;
  1. After we have stabilized the ones we have launched now.
    1. Security framework(plugin) for web apps - securely sharing artifacts among community members - the way we share google-docs. A few additional features are planned. This will be a generic architecture and the initial implementation will be for Rails (RoR). We might also implement it in JAVA/J2EE to be usable in other frameworks/apps - Liferay/sakai.
    2. Workflow framework(plugin) - A generic workflow plugin architecture. We will provide tools like creating and editing workflows and ability to plug into new apps with minimal coding. Initial implementation will be for Rails (RoR).
    3. Office applications in the browser - We can build on the Security and Workflow framework above to build a full fledged browser based Enterprise Office Suite. We might need to include version control with subversion/cvs. This will be very useful for SMEs in India.

I have another thought: I have been mulling on this for almost 2-3 yrs now.
We should open up the test cases and show the results of testing for every release. That way people can contribute test cases as well as go through the test results and check for themselves what is broken and how good the release is for production use. Users can also check for themselves the quality of testing the product has undergone. The idea is to have replicate the distributed development model we have right now to a distributed testing model too.
This will go a long way in assuring people that they have an 'Enterprise Quality' product.
We already have excellent bug reporting tools. We may need an open test cases repository. This could be another project for the open source community.
I will try and explore more on this and see if it is feasible to do this for this project.

Please evaluate our first attempt to initiate a free product:

Volunteers welcome.

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dsk said...

KC, it would help if you can explain what your first release does on rubyforge. i wanted to check it out, but again, i didnt know what it is about. is there a release notes or something and a small document describing more about it?