Saturday, September 15, 2007

Interest from student community on Open Source projects

In response to the mail asking for volunteers for our GPLed products, I had a couple of students mail me about wanting to contribute to opensource projects. I have an idea of going round undergrad and grad schools in the area and conducting workshops to encourage students to contribute to open-source.

I will float the idea in the local LUGs and see whether there are any takers. We can help solve one of the biggest reasons for non deployment of open-source in India - scarce availability of skilled coders and system-administrators.

Hopefully this can be extended to make a self sustaining project where undergrads from engineering schools start contributing to opensource when they are in still in school and thus build credentials to be showcased when they are searching for employment.

R-Knowsys will start a program to do this. I think we should have it up on our web-site too.

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dsk said...

any progress on this? are you going to go over the colleges and give lectures/seminars familiarizing the students to linux environment?
Whats your strategy on this?